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With GUE you have a lot of flexibility in course scheduling. You can choose an already-existing course, or you may contact your preferred GUE instructor or GUE facility and decide on the place, date, type, and schedule of the training.

When the decision about the instructor, place, and date is made, you will be asked to share some information about yourself by creating a user account and student profile on this website. This information will allow your instructors to design the best training path for you to follow. You will be able to contact them and ask all the questions you may still have, and you can—and should—share your concerns and motivations.

At GUE we put all of our efforts into providing you with the training that suits you best. Your instructor will guide you through the course registration process, will advise which course materials to read as part of pre-study before the training starts, and will lead you through the preparations so you will be able to achieve the best outcomes during the course.