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Global Underwater Explorers (GUE) began because a small group of curious divers yearned to develop underwater projects that would enable them to explore where no one had gone before. The hard work and total dedication of this group of risk takers led to the formation of an international community of passionate divers who develop and pursue diverse projects around the world.

Whether you are at the beginning of your dive adventure or have been certified for years, we at GUE want to assure you that our training programs were developed for you.

Divers committed to personal excellence, physical fitness, and mental toughness who are keen to explore and conserve the aquatic realm will find a home at GUE. Multitudes of divers who support an array of exciting, challenging exploration and conservation programs are realizing their dreams every day in every continent on Earth.

Let the adventure begin for you. Join us!

GUE Projects

The formation of GUE evolved from the identified needs of demanding global projects and was crafted by some of the industry’s leading explorers. The resulting training programs were developed to ensure that divers could pursue any interest they had, and as result, some of these divers would support a variety of global diving initiatives designed to explore and conserve the aquatic realm.

The exploration and conservation activities within GUE communities are often documented under the direction of, or in cooperation with, various government, university, or nonprofit groups. GUE’s annual project report summarizes some of the most active projects. There are typically at least 20 projects highlighted each year, but there are many more ongoing exploration, documentation, and conservation initiatives organized by our members. More than 100 locations are regularly documented in approximately 40 countries through GUE’s Project Baseline conservation initiative. Learn more about GUE efforts over the past twenty years with this infographic.

Over the years, our projects have included thousands of hours of scrupulous research for museums, governments, and nonprofit agencies.

This research has resulted in the discovery of world-renowned shipwrecks, wide-ranging detection and recovery of ancient artifacts, and world-record cave penetrations. These feats place our divers in the most extreme environments, requiring 15-km/50,000-ft cave dives, diving in near-freezing temperatures, extensive 30-hour immersions, and an array of highly technical skills on projects using submersibles, support ships, and elaborate research objectives.

GUE Conservation Initiatives

GUE members support conservation through a variety of affiliates, including Reef Alert NetworkGhost Diving, Reef Check, and Baykeeper. We’ve collaborated on a variety of university projects, such as the coral reef algae documentation and testing for Florida Atlantic University's Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute and live shipwreck exploration in the Gulf of Mexico for Texas State University's Meadows Center.

GUE is also proud to support its own initiative, Project Baseline. The overarching mission is for participants worldwide to survey and record their local aquatic environments with photos, videos, and data logs that serve as a baseline against which future changes can be measured. The results of such efforts are used to build public awareness and support political action. There are more than 100 projects in almost 40 countries currently supporting Project Baseline's mission.

GUE’s commitment to conservation is also reflected in our efforts to improve our operations in ways that reduce waste and promote sustainability.

GUE is developing numerous future projects, further including the integration of divers, submersibles, scientists, collaborators, and media personnel. Subs allow work in waters up to approximately 1,000 meters/3,300 feet, as well as allowing scientists and media to visit important locations. In water up to about 150 meters/490 feet, divers and subs also work together to identify and document important sites.

In 2014, GUE expanded Project Baseline and officially began incorporating archaeology and similar documentation efforts. Thanks to a partnership with Brownies Global Logistics and various private donors, these expeditions could complete a range of reef surveys off the coasts of Florida, Bermuda, Portugal, and Fiji, as well as historic shipwrecks and archaeological sites off the coast of North Carolina and throughout the Mediterranean. Much of this work is ongoing and can be further explored by referencing GUE’s Annual Reports. Learn more about GUE efforts over the past twenty years with this infographic.


GUE started by developing a foundation of carefully refined training programs and built a global community of divers looking to share their passion for the underwater world.

Whether your dream is to explore the diversity of a shallow coral reef, an ancient shipwreck, or the splendor of underwater caves, GUE training establishes an unparalleled level of comfort and capability. But it is within GUE communities that this training can help to fully realize the most ambitious diving objective.

GUE communities exist in more than 90 countries and include a diverse range of conservation and exploration initiatives and support opportunities alongside elaborate GUE Projects.

GUE training and communities are oriented around a team-based approach. This emphasis emerged from the success enjoyed by founding members during extremely complex exploratory projects around the world. These ambitious projects relied on a division of tasks by divers arriving from far-reaching places, sometimes meeting on site for the first time before organizing missions in difficult environments with sophisticated requirements. Effective team-based operations were paired with standardization of equipment and procedures, a combination that reduced complexity and allowed a clear focus on achieving project goals.

Over time, GUE began to see the value of applying this approach to all levels of diving.

A team-based, standardized approach is even more useful to new or inexperienced recreational divers as it streamlines the learning process, reduces unnecessary stress, and fosters a rich social experience. GUE training and activities embrace teamwork as the foundation of all diving practice. Whether diving on a shallow reef or a deep wreck, diving as a team is much more efficient, safer, and more fun.

The growing success of GUE global communities is due in no small part to this commitment to team diving. Diving with individuals who are invested in your success, enjoyment, and safety results in dives that are more fun and more productive. Whether a dive is purely recreational, focused on improving skills, or has documentation or conservation objectives, team diving will make it more rewarding!

This team-focused community is enabled through thorough training and standardization, and it results in frequent diving projects in every corner of the globe. New divers will find the GUE community happy to welcome new members, and a wide variety of options makes it easy to find activities to match any interest. GUE instructors and dive centers are often a great point of contact when looking to join a local community.

Dive Centers

GUE Dive Centers promote GUE’s broad global mission in support of aquatic education, conservation, and exploration. These facilities are selected for the high quality they deliver to customers and ensure support for local GUE diving activities. Visiting a GUE Dive Center provides assurance that GUE’s high standards are met while also making it easy to receive support with a variety of important standard practices.

The high level of standardization found within GUE diving is particularly useful when working with GUE Dive Centers. These facilities are selected for the high quality they deliver to customers and ensure support for all GUE diving needs.

GUE Dive Centers are also a critical link in the development and maintenance of local communities. These communities are the engine that powers GUE’s founding principles and are also entirely unique to being part of GUE. No other aquatic organization offers such a vast and supportive global network or the resulting opportunities to be part of wide-ranging international projects. Whether joining conservation initiatives like GUE’s Project Baseline, partaking in one of many exploration projects run by GUE divers, or just enjoying a range of social experiences, our communities offer purpose, challenge, and personal enrichment.

  • Offer GUE classes throughout the year
  • Provide rental equipment that meets GUE equipment standards
  • Provide access to staff with knowledge about GUE dive programs and practices
  • Support local GUE diving activities
  • Provide access to GUE standard gases through an on-site fill station, as appropriate for local diving
  • Abide by GUE Standards & Procedures
  • GUE Premium Dive Centers also offer support for those divers training to become a GUE instructor.
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GUE instructors are among the most active divers in the world, developing a regular series of unique activities around the world. Whether you are strictly a warm-water, recreational diver or a highly skilled technical diver, GUE offers an extensive range of opportunities to engage in the underwater world. Recreational opportunities include everything from simple dive charters and weekend dive outings to elaborate liveaboard trips as well as shallow conservation or research initiatives. Technical projects include team-based activities and wreck or cave expeditions alongside sophisticated documentation or recovery of artifacts, often including work with governments, universities, and nonprofit entities.

Some projects fill even before they can be announced; consequently, only a small sampling of GUE dive adventures are reflected on this calendar. We encourage you to contact a GUE instructor or dive center about upcoming dives you might want to participate in. You won’t regret it!