GUE would like to offer our wishes for your safety and health during these challenging times. Given the many complications, we continue to monitor progression of the virus and review global health recommendations on a daily basis. Given the variability of restrictions and diversity of exposure risk across the world, GUE is not currently prohibiting dive training. However, we do suggest that each person take their personal situation into account and adjust based upon local rules and policies.

We are also in direct communication with our instructors and working with them in support of class policies and training options that reduce transmission risk among those who remain desirous of undertaking training. Below is a list of accommodations and resources for the GUE community. Please be sure to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

Administrative accommodations

  • GUE course registration fees purchased from April 20, 2020 onward are automatically valid for one year from the date of purchase (formerly nine months).
  • Divers who purchased a registration prior to this date and whose training has been postponed should contact the office to request an extension.
  • Registration fees for students with Provisional ratings have been extended by six months to accommodate fee-free application to upgrades outside the six-month provisional window.
  • GUE instructors will work directly with students toward scheduling a new class and repurposing any deposits or fees paid for training. Please manage those costs directly with your instructor.

Recommendations & guidelines