NextGen Legacy Project

building a community for the next generation of scientific divers

GUE NextGen Legacy Project

What is it?

A community of GUE NextGen Scholars, Trainees, community members, and other up-and-coming scientific divers that provides a ready-made network of friends and collaborative opportunities for training, exploration, and conservation projects.

Our purpose

  • To extend the value of the scholarship investment by facilitating a critical feedback loop between current and future scholars and trainees.
  • To provide inspiration to people in general and young people in particular, and to show the energy and possibilities that come from affiliation with GUE and the value of GUE training. 
  • To empower participants as they make a positive impact on those in their orbit and within organizations they join, helping to foreground the unique nature of GUE.
  • To help young people acclimate into the GUE dive community by providing ready-made teammates and friends as well as a platform to share advice, feelings, and motivation.
  • To connect current scholars and trainees with GUE instructors and past scholars who can recommend projects to join based on their past experience and future goals.

Join us

Join our GUE NextGen Legacy Project group on Facebook. Their are different roles in which you can participate:

For the current NextGen Scholar:

  • To be one of the current admins of this group and to be active in growing this community.
  • To inspire others by sharing posts and images of their journey, training and progress. 
  • To produce a deliverable in conjunction with the Trainees and Members of this group. This will form part of their overall NextGen Scholarship project deliverables and can be a written piece, diving video or research program.
For NextGen Trainees:
  • To seek advice, teammates and collaborations for any upcoming projects.
  • To inspire others by sharing posts and images of their journey, training and progress.
For GUE community members:
  • To be a source of information, guidance and support for current NextGens – sharing insights into projects / hosting / teammates / training and ideas for their year.
  • To inspire others by sharing posts and images of their journey, training and progress.

NextGen Interview

In the first video, GUE Vice President Dorota Czerny and NextGen Scholar Jennifer Thomson talk about all things scuba diving and GUE and break some very common myths about the organization. In the second video, they wrap up their insight into the future of the GUE NextGen Scholarship with a big announcement for all of our NextGen applicants about the future of the scholarship.


These are the top NextGen applicants who were runners-up for the scholarship.

Certainly! If you are passionate about exploring and conserving the underwater world  and feel you can offer the community something or benefit from a support group, you can join as a member.

Yes, any GUE diver or GUE instructor who has an interest in contributing to Project Baseline, citizen science initiatives, or is engaged in GUE projects, exploration, and/or scientific endeavors is welcome to join and support the next generation of divers. You don't have to be a scientist!.

NextGen Scholars


Harry Gunning


Jennifer Thomson


Annika Andresen

Keep up with the NextGen scholar

The latest blog

Read all about NextGen Jennifer Thomson latest adventures in her personal blog. Click the image.

The latest YouTube Vlog

Watch the NextGen Vlog on our GUE YouTube channel and find out how exciting being a NextGen is. Click the image.

The latest media output

Read the blog about Jennifer Thomson’s partnership with DAN. Click the image.

Moments from the legacy project in 2023

Scientific Diver Course

A part of being a NextGen Scholar is participating in GUE training. Here is Jennifer Thomson taking part in the GUE Scientific Diver course.

Fun Diving

GUE NextGen Trainee Elizabeth Kroger and friends are doing recreational boat diving in Monterey, California.

Running their own Scientific Project

GUE NextGen Scholar Jennifer Thomson and trainee Elizabeth Kroger are running their own GUE scientific project. They are studying seagrass at the shore in Cala Gonone, Sardinia. Read the project report at the Phreatic website.

Instructor Training Course

Being so passionate about diving often results in the will to teach others. What better way than to learn these skills by taking part in a GUE Instructor Training Course.