How to become a diver


The most important decision is already made: you are reading this, which means you are interested. But what should you know before you begin your training to become a scuba diver?

First, try diving with your chosen GUE instructor without a commitment to a course. GUE’s Discover Diving program is designed as an introduction for individuals with no previous scuba diving experience. This program does not result in certification but can serve as an introduction to a course or as a standalone experience. This experience will show you what you are really signing up for, what the training will look like, and help you determine if you and the instructor are a good fit.

Diving involves physical activity, and you are dependent on a set of equipment that enables you to breathe underwater.

Diving requires some knowledge about basic physics and physiology, understanding of the equipment, team mindset, and certainly, involves overcoming difficulties. You may even be asked to face some fears because, in the end, underwater is not a human environment.

So, give it a try first and see if you like it. And if you do, we can promise you one thing – it will never let you go!

Applicants for a Discover Diving program must:

  • Be a minimum of 14 years of age.
  • Be physically and mentally fit.
  • Be able to swim.
  • Obtain a physician’s prior written authorization for use of prescription drugs, except for birth control, or for any medical condition that may pose a risk while diving.
  • For a full list of course prerequisites, click here.
The program is normally conducted over one day. It requires a minimum of one in-water session and at least four hours of instruction, encompassing classroom lectures, land drills, and in-water work. An optional open water dive can be conducted at the instructor’s discretion.

Which beginner course is right for you?

GUE Supervised Recreational Diver

This course is designed to give you sufficient knowledge, skill, and experience to dive in open water environments under the direct supervision of a dive professional.

It is best for those who are not certain if they will be able to dedicate a lot of time to training in one go, are not sure about diving without an instructor or guide, or would like to stage their training over a prolonged period of time.

In other words, it’s for the "I want to see what diving is all about because I think I might like it" person.

Learn more about this course.

GUE Recreational Diver LEVEL 1

This course will provide you with sufficient knowledge, skill, and experience to dive with similarly qualified scuba divers.

Qualified GUE Recreational Diver Level 1 divers are able to dive in conditions equal to or better than those in which they were trained and with individuals holding the same or a higher level of certification.

For the “Yeah, let’s go diving! Now I know I want to do this!” person.

Learn more about this course.

I am a certified diver already – how can I start with GUE?


The GUE Fundamentals course is by far GUE’s most popular program. It functions as a gateway into GUE training and it is an excellent way to experience what GUE is all about.


The GUE Doubles Primer is a non-certification course designed to teach divers how to safely and comfortably dive a double tank configuration.


GUE’s Drysuit Primer is a non-certification course designed to prepare divers for drysuit diving using proper equipment and techniques.