Introducing Tech 3

Introducing Tech 3: Join the Final Part of GUE's Technical Trilogy

We are excited to announce the new Tech 3 curriculum!

Initially taught by Jarrod and a few others in GUE's early days, Tech 3 was always envisioned as the culmination of GUE's technical trilogy. With establishing a robust rebreather program and the growing popularity of rebreathers in technical diving, the timing is ideal for offering this class, supporting GUE divers and global projects.

The Tech 3 program focuses exclusively on rebreathers, specifically the JJ-CCR and RB80, and aims to enhance the range and capabilities of GUE Level 2 rebreather divers. The program includes one day of setup, one day of skill verification, and three days of diving, reaching depths of up to 393 ft/120 m with decompression times of up to three hours. The knowledge component will be delivered through online lectures and practical discussions. The program may require up to seven days to complete depending on weather conditions.


Prospective participants must meet the following prerequisites:
  • GUE CCR 2 or PSCR certification
  • a minimum of 50 Tech 2 dives with 25 dives exceeding 75 m/250 ft
  • DPV 1 certification.
  • CCR divers with extensive experience may request special consideration regarding the CCR 2 requirement.
For those interested in joining a class, we currently have four Tech 3 instructors:
  • Graham Blackmore -
  • Mario Arena -
  • Kirill Egorov -
  • Gideon Liew -

Aspiring Tech 3 instructors are required to complete an application and gain approval from the Board of Directors (BOD). The prerequisites for instructor certification include recent, regular, and significant deep and project-oriented diving experience and substantial teaching experience (e.g., having taught 20+ CCR 2, PSCR, or Tech 2 courses and over 100 GUE classes). A draft set of instructor milestones is available for those interested in pursuing this path.

"The introduction of the Tech 3 class marks an exciting milestone in GUE's journey. We are thrilled to offer this advanced training to our divers and expand our support for global projects," said Dorota Czerny, Vice President of GUE.

Suex, a leading manufacturer of underwater scooters, generously sponsored the inaugural Tech 3 class by providing top-of-the-line underwater scooters for the entire team. This support from Suex enhances the diving experience and contributes to the overall success of the program.

Join GUE and embark on the final part of GUE's technical trilogy. For more information about the Tech 3 class or to inquire about becoming a Tech 3 instructor, please visit or contact GUE.