2022 NextGen Scholar

Jennifer Thomson

2022-23 NextGen Scholar

Jenn is a scientific illustrator, PADI Divemaster, and diverse field researcher specialising in the exploration of extreme environments. Living in Saudi Arabia for the past year, she has just returned from a 5-month at-sea mission onboard the OceanXplorer, working as a logistic co-ordinator and expedition scientist on the eDNA, deep-sea coral, and megafauna teams.

Jenn holds an MSc in Marine Ecosystems Management (University of St Andrews), but also studied Mandarin, shark cardiac ecophysiology, and computational modelling. In addition, she is an Honorary Research Fellow for past work in small mammal socio-ecology, attended a microgravity summer school at the European Space Agency, and has radio-tracked everything from elephant shrews to elephants.

As an ambassador for sea-to-space company Blue Abyss, her future goals include becoming a scuba instructor, and experiencing parabolic flights. Ultimately, she aspires to work in both expedition vessels and Neutral Buoyancy Labs - connecting the space and marine sectors via diving and exploration.

With GUE’s focus on community, conservation projects and skill refinement; Jenn aims to highlight roles that recreational scuba can play in scientific operations - and inspire the next generation of divers! Thus, her goals for the scholarship year are Rec 2, Photogrammetry, Documentation and Scientific Diver courses, as well as working towards an Instructor rating.