Foundational Courses


GUE foundational curriculum consists of the best known GUE course - the  GUE Fundamentals and a variety of auxiliary courses called primers. 

The GUE Fundamentals course is by far GUE’s most popular program. It functions as a gateway into GUE training and it is an excellent way to personally experience what GUE is all about. Graduating GUE Fundamentals course with technical rating allows a diver to enter GUE's tech and cave curriculum. Recreational GUE Fundamentals rating opens up the door to advanced GUE recreational curriculum and GUE Primers for non-GUE trained divers.

The primers cover a variety of training - from basics like drysuit or doubles use, to more sophisticated training like scientific diving, documentation or photogrammetry skills. You can enhance your skills to progress to higher level courses or to take part in GUE projects and community activities.