Cave Diver Training

Caves are often described as the last frontier of human exploration on our planet. They provide an exciting playground for curious divers who seek to explore this hidden and fragile environment - an ever-changing world of hidden natural wonders, maze-like tunnels full of geological formations.


Naturally, there are certain risks associated with diving in an overhead environment. Special training is required to learn the necessary skills and procedures to manage those risks and make cave diving an exciting and joyful experience. GUE provides state of the art cave diving training, so divers can dive safely in places all over the world, exploring new cave systems or simply enjoying the beauty that this special environment has to offer. High safety records put GUE trained divers in the forefront of exploration diving.

During training divers are taught a solid theoretical background, covering gas planning and management, cave environment theory, benefits and disadvantages of various breathing gasses and a considerable amount of practical dive planning and contingency management. The in-water training begins in an open water environment with building up critical skills. It then progresses into an overhead environment where scenarios are presented to the students with problems to solve in a logical and safe manner using the new skills they just learned, as well as those from the GUE Fundamentals course. Students then progress to emergency training and protocols, and then to proper cave experience dives with all of the planning, dive, and emergency management skills implemented in a cave dive under an instructor's supervision.




To enter GUE cave diver training you first must successfully pass GUE Fundamentals course with the technical rating.