Frequently Asked Questions - Certifications

Digital certification cards are accessible from your My Courses & Cards page for the duration that the card is valid. Once your certification expires, the digital card link becomes deactivated, though the certification itself is still verifiable via the Verify Certification page. If/when a certification is renewed, the digital card is immediately reactivated.
Students seeking to upgrade from a Recreational Fundamentals pass to a Technical pass are not required to pay the registration fee again and should be able to apply for additional Fundamentals or Fundamentals Upgrade courses without being prompted for payment. Given this, Rec to Tech upgrade certification cards are not printed automatically, but instead require a $30.00 fee. This fee is available here, but will also be email to you after the course.
GUE divers are required to perform twenty-five dives at their highest level of certification over the three-year period to re-qualify for an additional three-year period. To renew, simply visit your “My Courses” page where you will find a link to access the renewal form. Once the renewal form is complete, you will be prompted to pay the $30.00 renewal fee. Once submitted, HQ will receive notification of the renewal, and upon review will process it accordingly.

If you choose to pay to renew your certification at the same time as placing a merchandise order, please note that for quality assurance purposes, these orders are handled separately, and your certification card will not be included in the same package as your merchandise order, unless you leave an order comment specifically requesting that one be held until the other is ready to ship.

When you have filled out your QC form via your “My Courses & Cards” page AND your instructor has entered your course evaluation, your certification will be placed in the print queue and normally processed in 1 week or less. You will receive email notifications both when your card is placed in the queue and when it has been mailed. If you have not already done so, verify that your contact information on the Student Information page of your Student Profile is correct to ensure timely delivery.

If you haven’t received your card 4-6 weeks after your class is over (international mail can take up to 4-6 weeks for delivery) and have filled out your QC form and updated your contact information, then please contact
Please email HQ at or call 1-800-762-DIVE (3483) with any questions or concerns about your certification.
To request a replacement card, please go to your My Courses page and there you will find a Certification Card Replacement link. Once you complete the form and submit the $30.00 replacement fee, we will receive your request and process it as quickly as possible. Do not submit this request if the card you need is expired or will expire in 6 months or less. Instead, submit the Certification Renewal request from your My Courses page.
If your certification is new, once your instructor has entered your evaluation and you have submitted the QC form, you can access a digital copy of your card from your My Courses & Cards page.

If you do not have your certification card, either because you haven’t received it, have lost it, realized it needs to be renewed, or forgot it when traveling, please contact or 1-800-762-DIVE (3483) and provide all of your pertinent information. We will do everything we can to help resolve your issue based on the circumstances surrounding your request.

If you haven’t received your card yet, please be sure you have filled out your QC form. Please note that if a card is requested to be sent any other method than USPS First Class, you will be required to cover the shipping cost.

A provisional rating means that you didn’t fail a course, but you still have skills to work on before you are evaluated as “Pass,” and are eligible for official GUE certification. Any Active status GUE instructor in the appropriate curriculum can conduct an upgrade evaluation. The time and fees associated with provisional upgrades are entirely at the discretion of the instructor; however, HQ does requires you to pay for course registration again if the time since the original course has exceeded 6 months, but a discount is available. Please contact HQ for more information.