What is GUE Fundamentals? How does it differ from basic SCUBA courses offered by other agencies?

GUE Fundamentals training is an immensely popular course, affecting the way many individuals think about scuba diving. Initially, GUE Fundamentals was structured to prepare divers for the rigors of technical diving and was established as a prerequisite for this training. However, most difficulty in diving relates to poorly developed fundamental skills; therefore, GUE began to promote this course to a broader community. Divers around the world have embraced this training as a way to greatly improve the safety and fun within their diving.

GUE Fundamentals may be conducted in a single tank for recreational divers; technical divers interested in advanced GUE training will use twin (double) tanks. To enter GUE Fundamentals, individuals must hold an Open Water rating from a recognized agency (most major agencies are acceptable). GUE training focuses on foundational skills, including theory and practical application of buoyancy, trim, teamwork, rescue skills, nitrox and other breathing gases, gas consumption, dive planning, equipment configuration, decompression theory, and more. GUE Fundamentals dives are video-recorded and used as a teaching tool to help improve diving skills.

You can learn more about GUE Fundamentals on its course page or in the GUE Standards.