GUE Member Discounts

GUE members receive a coupon code each year for a discount on their monthly subscription, as listed below. To access this code and redeem the discount, select on your My Membership page.

Conservation: 30%, a $90 annual savings!
Silver: 50%, a $150 annual savings!
Gold: 100%, a $300 annual savings!
Platinum: 100%, a $300 annual savings!

GUE Members will receive a new discount code each year, which requires cancellation of the existing subscription and activation of a new subscription with the revised code.

Please note: by redeeming your code and signing up for a subscription you are agreeing to a recurring monthly fee of $24.99 minus your member discount that will be assessed to your chosen payment method for 12 monthly billing cycles. Beginning with the 13th billing cycle your monthly charge will increase to $24.99. You may cancel your subscription anytime from the Subscriptions option on your Dashboard. Coupon codes are considered redeemed once they have been used on a subscription; users who cancel before the end of 12 billings cannot redeem discounts on unused months.