Frequently Asked Questions - Membership

Annual auto-renewal is an optional selection you can make at the time you purchase a GUE Membership. If you select annual auto-renewal, your GUE Membership charges and benefits will recur each year on the same date as your original order. Additionally, you can receive a 10% discount on your first year if you sign up for annual auto-renewal.
No, GUE certification and membership are entirely separate designations. GUE is a 501(c)(3) educational nonprofit organization that is entirely supported by memberships, sales, and donations. GUE is also a vibrant international community, and we highly encourage all of our divers to explore our membership options and choose the level that best suits them.

GUE Membership offers a number of benefits, depending on the level, all of which are listed and up-to-date on our membership page.

Free registration discounts for Gold and Platinum members are automatically applied at checkout, but please contact us right away if this feature doesn't appear to be working. If you are a Gold member and would like to save your two free registrations for courses other than what you are registering for at the time, please contact and we will assist you with billing to ensure your free registrations remain active for future courses.

This membership benefit can only be used during the one-year period of the membership with which it is associated. No membership benefits may be rolled over, banked, or in any way valid more than one year after purchase of a membership, even if it is renewed without interruption. 
For example, you cannot redeem three free course registrations after renewing the Gold membership you have had for one year already.

Additionally, free course registration benefits cannot be applied to registrations purchased before the period of membership. These rules apply to all levels of membership that grant free registrations (Gold and Platinum). If this conflicts with your training plans, remember that course registrations are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase, and registration fees can be purchased independently from course application. If you have any questions about this policy, please contact GUE HQ.

Becoming a GUE Member is quick and easy, and can be done entirely online.
GUE offers a range of membership levels to suit any budget. To view the various levels and their benefits, please visit our membership page here.
Users with an active membership have the option to move to a higher level membership for a special upgrade price. Upgrading works just like purchasing a new membership—it is active for one year from the purchase date and includes all listed benefits of the membership.
If you have an active membership, visit to review the available membership levels and to make your selection. Once you have added the new membership to your shopping cart and proceeded to checkout, an automatic discount will be applied. If this feature does not appear to be working, please contact us right away.
The Quest mailing list is used very infrequently, but if you are confident that you have missed a recent message, there are several possible reasons why you are not receiving Quest list emails. First, is your membership still active? If not, then you can renew here. If your membership is active, is your email’s spam filter blocking the incoming messages? If it is, check your filter’s settings. If neither of these are the problem, please contact, and we will verify your subscription.