How do I redeem my free course registration member benefit?

Free registration discounts for Gold and Platinum members are automatically applied at checkout, but please contact us right away if this feature doesn't appear to be working. If you are a Gold member and would like to save your two free registrations for courses other than what you are registering for at the time, please contact and we will assist you with billing to ensure your free registrations remain active for future courses.

This membership benefit can only be used during the one-year period of the membership with which it is associated. No membership benefits may be rolled over, banked, or in any way valid more than one year after purchase of a membership, even if it is renewed without interruption. 
For example, you cannot redeem three free course registrations after renewing the Gold membership you have had for one year already.

Additionally, free course registration benefits cannot be applied to registrations purchased before the period of membership. These rules apply to all levels of membership that grant free registrations (Gold and Platinum). If this conflicts with your training plans, remember that course registrations are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase, and registration fees can be purchased independently from course application. If you have any questions about this policy, please contact GUE HQ.