Yucatan 2009

I just returned from a trip to Mexico, it seems that the combination of the breathtaking underwater caves, the Maya mystique, the nature around the cenotes and the good company of the guys at Zero Gravity draws me back to the region at least twice a year. After arriving and a meet & greet with old friends we collect all the necessary equipment and head out for our first dive. We decide to start with Sac Actun and do two dives there. Our first dive takes us along the main line, cross the gap with a jump spool and through the restriction into the Cuzan Nah Circuit. This is a beautiful and highly decorated part of the cave and I feel really lucky being back again doing what I like most, flying through a 3-dimensional wonderland. For the second dive we decide to take the jump to Paso De Lagarto, same cave but with a different and also impressive scenery.
The days blend into each other while we make nice and long dives in the different caves. I wanted to film following the Basementline in Dos Ojos, an area with a really low ceiling which although not highly decorated gives a dramatic effect. We encounter some percolation which shows that this area is less traveled than the mainline. At the end of the Basementline, which lies in a big room, we jump to the mainline and continue until our gas plan forces us in thumbing the dive, which is always way too early.

We also make two dives in one of my favorite systems, Mayan Blue. We start in the B-tunnel and make our way up to the E-tunnel. This cave is one of my favorites because of the shape and size of the tunnels; the colors differ from white to blue and orange. A second dive takes us in the A-tunnel that feels a lot darker and is very greenish, the difference between the two tunnels is remarkable, although they lie pretty close to each other and are connected.

After 10 days of intensive diving we head back home where it is snowing and in the plane start already planning our next trip to this caver's heaven.

More photos and videos about Mexico: www.jpbresser.tv

JP Bresser

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