Why do shipping costs seem so high?

Any merchandise ordered online is shipped from our HQ in High Springs, Florida, USA. If you live outside of the United States we have to use international shipping, and aside from the $2.00 handling fee added to each merchandise order, there is absolutely no "padding" in the shipping fee you are charged.

The website estimates all shipping costs based on up-to-date prices and the combined weight of your merchandise. If the website overestimates your shipping costs, you will be refunded the difference in cost to the payment method used on your order, and you will receive an email explaining the refund. GUE HQ never seeks to profit in any way from shipping charges.

If you are looking for less expensive shipping options, there are a few that we suggest:

  • You can consider choosing USPS First Class Mail, which takes a bit longer but can cost significantly less (often $20-$30 less) for international orders. USPS First Class International shipping is now available as a selection in checkout if it qualifies, meaning your order weighs 4 pounds or less.
  • You can get together with other GUE divers in your area and place an order together, then split the shipping when you work out the individual costs among yourselves. This can be a very cost-effective way to get merchandise if you want a number of items and/or you know multiple other people who also wish to order merchandise from GUE HQ.
  • You can time your order with a dive trip you or a friend plan to take to the U.S., then have your items shipped to your temporary address or, if you are visiting High Springs, pick them up from GUE HQ. In order to make sure your items are in stock and can be shipped at the appropriate time to arrive during your travel window, we recommend placing orders no later than one month before your/your friend's arrival in the U.S. This gives us time to order and receive any out-of-stock items, and to time the shipment of your order accurately so that it arrives during your specified window. If you plan to use this method, as always, we suggest contacting GUE HQ's shipping representative at orders@gue.com as soon as possible to get the best possible results.
  • A final option is to see if there is a GUE Dive Center in your country or in a country closer to yours than the United States who sells the item you want to purchase. Please note that stock at GUE Dive Centers can be VERY limited and is chosen entirely at the discretion of the shop itself. They are under no obligation to fill orders they are not prepared for, and this is listed only as a resource for the convenience of our customers and the promotion of our officiap parenters. Dive Centers may choose to honor GUE Membership discounts, but they are not obligated to do so.

If you have any further shipping or merchandise questions, please email orders@gue.com.