What happens to the training videos/photos my instructor takes during class?

Underwater training videos or photos taken during class can only be used during that particular class for training purposes, and they must be deleted after training is complete . No students, instructors, or instructor candidates may retain this content post-class. However, there is some flexibility with other content captured during the course, so please review GUE's official policy below.

Official Training Photo/Video Policy

  1. Training imagery (video or photo) recorded underwater and during class must be focused on student learning and refining performance. These recordings are not to be used outside of the class setting and are to be deleted after training is completed.
  2. Non-training imagery (video or photo) recorded underwater may be taken after all training and evaluation is complete. In this case, all divers joining the dive must be informed and agree to public use of the imagery.
  3. Training imagery (video or photo) recorded above water may be released publicly under the condition that consent is given by the course instructor and all represented participants.