Update: Alviela Cave System

SPE (Sociedade Portuguesa de Espeleologia) and the Alviela Team were back in action in June to continue the exploration of the Alviela Cave System in Portugal. The objective was to explore leads on the H tunnel previously explored by Martin Burgui and Pascal Moulin in 2009/2010. After spending two dives fixing the line to the start of the chimney in H tunnel that takes us to the exploration line, a first exploration dive was made by Wladimir Blanco and Chema (Jose Maria Jover Balcazar). Ricardo Constantino and Luis Magro conducted two dives to explore a lead starting at -90m and heading south. We found a 20m high almost vertical sand dune leading to a smaller passage at -72m heading southeast. The temperature at the top was again increasing, as is common in other parts of H tunnel. Safeties and deco bottles are in place, waiting for the next dives.

Divers :
- António Carrilho - Portugal
- Chema (Jose Maria Jover Balcazar) - Spain
- Hugo Pais Batista - Portugal
- Luis Magro - Portugal
- Marcus Werneck - Brasil
- Ricardo Constantino - Portugal
- Wladimir Blanco - Spain

Many thanks to the tireless and always smiling surface support crew :
- Pedro Carvalho (counting the days to GUE Fundamentals)
- Gonçalo Ventura Martins (always there, always switched on, always smiling)
- João Pedro Fonseca (recently completed GUE Tech-2 in Portofino)
- Armando Fonseca (GUE Fundamentals starting soon!)
- Luís Jorge (GUE Fundamentals starting soon!)
- Delfim Machado (no comment!)
- Joana Silva (our best decal marker!)

With the support of :
- CPAS (fills, logistics)
- EPAL, PNSAC and CMA (permits)

More Info :
- http://www.spe.pt/espeleologia/seccao-de-mergulho
- http://www.alviela.com/
- http://www.facebook.com/Alviela

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