TDIF-GUE Conference in Israel

By Julia Golosiy

The First Conference in Israel Was a Success!

As we have already written, on August 30th, the first Israeli Underwater Exploration Conference took place in Netanya, Tel-Aviv, Israel. The Israeli Technical Diving Federation invited representatives of the Global Underwater Explorers to discuss their projects, both the recently completed, such as the USS Atlanta project, and the current projects, as well as various diving methods and risks. Besides the report on the GUE project, the Israeli delegation discussed modern technologies for the exploration of the sea floor.

The Conference made a significant impact on the Israeli divers. A special set of reports was dedicated to the USS Atlanta project. Using this project as an example, the divers from the Atlanta expedition explained how such expeditions are prepared; how the logistics for large projects are prepared; how the appropriate gear is chosen, and how submersions are planned. The presentation culminated in the screening of a 17-minute film about the expedition presented by Elena Konstantinou and her production company, the HWLL Overseas Media Group.

In a separate discussion, Jarrod Jablonski talked about providing safety measures, and explained the circumstances of fatal accidents. He analyzed the recent tragic incidents and their conditions for technical diving in general, as well as the concrete circumstances of the WKPP project, during which James Miller tragically died on June 11th during a cave dive in the Woodville Karst Plain, Florida.

During the Q & A session, there were many questions, in particular about the difference between the GUE from other diving systems, as well as questions regarding safety, preparation, projects, and expansion.

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