Jarrod about DecoPlanner

Jarrod about DecoPlanner

GUE founder Jarrod Jablonski explains his approach in working the Simon Tranmer, Graeme Davison, Sue Davison, Andy Kerslake, and Erik Baker in developing DecoPlanner

My primary goals in working with Erik, Simon, Graeme, Andy, Sue et al. in the development of the program were twofold. First, I wanted to help create a very simple program that allowed one to make changes at any point in the dive easily and quickly. I wanted to stay away from the graphical games that take a lot of time. We wanted a program that was for diving, an application where you would just punch out a profile and go. I was/am pretty frustrated by anything that detracts from getting a dive schedule quickly and playing with various aspects of a given dive.

Secondly, I wanted to address several seemingly mysterious parameters, like deep stops and safety factors. Erik Baker and I have spent quite some time looking over profiles and playing with schedules, everything from extended exposures in Wakulla to recreational dives on a 30' reef. I feel that "safety factors" as they are generally applied are essentially meaningless, give basically inconsistent results, and do nothing to further our knowledge of the decompression process or indeed provide a margin of actual safety. Deep stops are relatively similar with no real dependable methodology. Our goal with the max stop depth and gradient factor use was to merge our real experience along with my work with Erik to create a logical and predictable system. I feel confident that this system offers divers the absolute best way to personalize their dives and safety factors and to choose a sensible deep stop range.

We have some great revisions in the works and are playing with a number of exciting additions for DecoPlanner. We have been testing the process for years now and I have the utmost confidence and a great deal of personal experience with these schedules. GUE will release updates and revisions to DecoPlanner to registered users as they come available.