Gold GUE Membership

Gold GUE Membership

  • 15% discount on purchases.
  • Enjoy our full-color, beautifully-illustrated printed version of Quest magazine with wide ranging articles from an international collection of diving, conservation and exploration experts. Gold members receive the printed magazine but may also access online content.
  • Free subscription to GUE's private mailing list ( Quest is a moderated forum which brings together top divers, environmentalists and fitness experts from around the world.
  • Free access to GUE training supplements and procedural manuals.
  • Free access to all current GUE Course Presentation Materials (PDF versions); Gold Members are able to view these materials for the duration of their membership. Upgrade to Scholar level and access GUE’s library of software and PDF versions of the Fundamentals, Cave, and Tech manuals.
  • Free high-quality, annual member t-shirt.
  • Package of 5 large and 5 small personalized GUE gear stickers.
  • GUE Image of the Year. A high-quality 8x10 reproduction of the GUE Image of the Year, featuring international dive locations from our top photographers.
  • Free registration for one GUE class of your choice. Please email to process your free registration, or call GUE HQ at (386) 454-0820.
  • 25% discount on a subscription, a $75 annual savings! Learn more.
  • In addition to the benefits listed above, a portion of your membership directly supports Project Baseline, a Global Underwater Explorers' Conservation Initiative.

**Monthly and quarterly payment options available for this membership. Contact for more information



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