Fitness for Divers - PDF

Fitness for Divers - PDF

By Cameron Martz

Format: PDF

Fitness for Divers is the only fitness book written specifically for divers. Diver and fitness professional Cameron Martz combines the latest information about exercise and diving physiology in one book. We all know that physical fitness is important to good health on the surface, but research shows that our fitness also impacts our excursions underwater. Whether you consider yourself to be a recreational or a technical diver, you will find important information in this book to make your diving better, safer, and more enjoyable. Topics include:

  • 67 exercises to condition your body
  • 18 stretches for functional flexibility
  • 40 studies that show how fitness affects your diving
  • 6 months of exercise planned for beginners through advanced
  • Important research on dive day activity and nutrition
  • Techniques to help you reach your valves, prevent calf cramps, improve your SAC, and more...

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