Quest 7.4

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Quest 7.4

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Bringing GUE Closer to Home - My Home
By E. Arkin

Exploration Report: Sian Ka'an: March-June, 2006
By F. Devos & C. Le Malliot

GUE Project Diary: Narvik (Norway) 2005
By P. Passalacqua

Off the Beaten Track in the South China Sea: The Shipwreck D'Artagnan
D. Ross

The First Technical Diving Expedition to St. Eustatius
By A. Schlöffel



Equipment & Training:
Understanding Underwater Videography Basics

M.L. Lorenzo

Utilization of Obsolete Vessels as Artificial Reefs to Restore Oculina Varicosa Habitat

M.C. Barnette

Values and Symbols

D.E.W. Fenner, Ph.D.

Fitness & Physiology:
Breathing and Exertion at Increased Pressure

J.E. Brian, Jr., M.D.