Quest Vol 21, No 3

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Diving in the Era of COVID-19
D. Ebersole, M.D.

Cave Diving in Greece
L. Miroult

The Zero Visibility... Myth?
N. Gibb

A Diver’s Vision for GUE Realized
P. Rothschild

Kraken Dive: A Recreational Dive Center in Spain Supporting GUE Divers
R. Álvarez



Equipment & Training:
The Avatar Drysuit: A New Option for Rec 1 through Fundamentals?

C. Hart, M.S. IMC

Connection through Experience: Merging Architecture with a Passion for Exploring the Underwater World

A. Andresen

Project Baseline in Finland Raises Awareness of Threats to the Baltic

D. J. Cord

From the “Hart” of Superior

T. Irvine