Quest Vol 21, No 2

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The Poor Knights Islands – New Zealand
J. Obern

Coral Reefs Meet Microplastics:
Risky Interactions or Harmless Encounters?

V. Diemel

Diving in Peru: The Recovery of
a Submerged Pre-Incan Pot

J. Williams

Safety is an Attitude: DAN Introduces Two New Programs Actively Promoting Safety
L. Marroni

Cabo de Palos: One Destination
for All Your Diving Needs

A. Lopez Sánchez, J. Carlos Farra,
J. Cepeda Vargas, R. Constantino



Equipment & Training:
Scuba Regulators: History, Technology, Function, and Modern Designs

D. Remmers

The Discovery of a New Cave-Dwelling Amphipod, the Crangonyx manubrium

T. Sawicki, Ph.D.

The Excitement of Project Diving

M. Rose

The History of the Woodville Karst
Plain Project (WKPP)

D. Rhea