Quest Vol 17, No 1

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Quest Vol 17, No 1

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Tank Cave: A Project Baseline Collaboration between the Nullarbor Karst Plain Project and the Cave Divers Association of Australia
R. Booker, A. Perkins

Rebreather Photography: Advantages and Disadvantages to Underwater Photography
Using a Rebreather

B. Kagan Schott

Fortune Favors the Brave
C. Grosart

Choosing a Sidemount Rig
R. Neto

Karst Odyssey Exploration Project 2015
O. Gobara



Equipment & Training:
MCEP: Past, Present, and Future

F. Devos

The Evolution of Project Baseline

T. Kincaid, Ph. D.

Project Baseline: Haarlemmermeerse Bos

A. Gunderson

Cave Exploration in the Sian Ka'an Biosphere Reserve Helps to Preserve a Unique Ecosystem

C. Le Maillot