Quest Vol 16, No 2

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Quest Vol 16, No 2

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Using Yoga to Improve Ankle Strength and Flexibility
A.M. Schultz, Ph.D.

Becoming an Entry Level GUE Instructor: The Two Signature Process
P. D. Alexakos, Ph.D.

Armistice of the Italian Royal Navy: Days of Chaos, Fallen Heroes, and Lost Legends
D. Czerny

Non-Destructive Archaeology: Methods, the Mars Expedition, and Three-Dimensional Imaging and Printing
R. Lundgren

Frankenwald: A World-Class Wreck Dive
C. Skauge



Equipment & Training:
Training to Dive or Diving to Train?

B. Opperud

Growing GUE in Dubai Through Project Baseline

M. Gough

Proactive Ethicss

D. E. W. Fenner, Ph.D.

The Asian Karst Exploration Project: Part 2

D. Ross, S. Cox