Quest Vol 15, No 4

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Quest Vol 15, No 4

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Mars the Magnificent and the Swedish
Maritime History of the 16th Century:
An Exhibition Project

V. Palm

Welcome to Nuttlar Bergwerk:
The Diving Land of Moria

D. Czerny, G. Steiner

Four Wrecks in One Dive
M. El Ariss

The Guns of Mars the Magnificent
I. Sjöblom

GUE Italia Meeting 2014: The Wreck
Documentation Contest

GUE Italia



Equipment & Training:
Electric Heating Systems for Diving

A. Ilmonen

Project Argo 2014: Working in the
Dust for a Week

A. van Aarsen


D. E. W. Fenner, Ph.D.

Project Morpheus: Science and
Diving Unite in Croatia

H. Opheim, M. McGhie, B. Opperud, B. Stubne