Quest Vol 15, No 3

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Quest Vol 15, No 3

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Training: Not an Option
R. Thomas

Torpedo Floats: Maximize Safety and Enjoyment in
Dynamic Environments

E. Kalayci, J. Adair

Diving Lessons We Can Learn from the Race
to the South Pole

G. Burrows

Lost Island Project, Part II: Exploring the Aeolian Islands
F. Spaggiari

Going Beyond SIN: Exploring Southeast Asia
L. Evans, Ed.D.



Equipment & Training:
The Valve Drill: Why We Do It the Way We Do It

M. Devoldere

S.O.S: Saving Our Sargasso

K. Kenniker

The Maldivian Mystique: How a Small Island Nation
May Be the Poster Child for Coral Reef Management

K. Kovacs

The Battle of Ist and the Discovery of the UJ-201

A. Colla