Quest Vol 14, No 2

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Quest Vol 14, No 2

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GUE Seattle: A Grassroots Success Story
L. Evans

Diving a Piece of Baltic History
S. Popek

Ultraviolet Photography
M. Simonic

The Extraordinary Tasks of the OZEANEUM Dive Team
H. May

STONED: An Interview with Dr. William Stone
M. Menduno

A Unique Liveaboard Opportunity for GUE Divers in Greece
N. Vardakas



Equipment & Training:
Reach Back and Breathe

M. Montilla

Frogs or Toads: What Are They and Which Gives Me Warts?

J. R. Mohr, B. S. Stegenga

Is an Animal Worth the Same as a Human? Part I

D. E. W. Fenner

The Battle of Oscarsborg Fortress

G. Midtgaard, M. Nordin, M. Vendlegård