INAH and NAS Underwater Archeology Training in Mexico

GUE divers in Q.Roo from PET (Proyecto Exploration Tulum), MCEP/CINDAQ joined together from June 3 to 6, 2010 to pursue training in underwater archeology. This survey program took place in Tulum under the guidance of INAH (Instituto Nacional de Antropologia y Historia) & NAS (Nautical Archeology Society). The training covered the history of underwater archeology worldwide and in Mexico, project management and objectives, underwater survey techniques, data collection, conservation, and excavation/recovery techniques. In addition, divers were able to practice underwater survey techniques at Cenote Yax Chen. These underwater sessions were built around a hypothetical archeological project. Divers used base lines, survey grids, measuring tape, meters, and markers to catalog and sketch items that were positioned randomly underwater. An archeological site is a time capsule. Accurate data recording methodology becomes important to future scientific work and interpretation. The registration, interpretation and preservation of underwater archeological sites from both surface development and divers is an immediate priority for INAH.

Special thanks to: MSc. Chris Underwood (NAS), Arqlga. Pilar Luna (INAH), Arqlga. Elena Barba (INAH),Dr. Dominique Rissolo (Waitt Institute for Discovery), Dr. Chris Sloan (National Geographic Society), Dr. Cristina Elson (National Geographic Society), INAH Quintana Roo, the National Geographic Society, and The Waitt Institute for Discovery. Participants: Alex Alvarez, Franco Attolini, Suzan Bird, Roberto Chavez, Fred Devos, Chris le Maillot, Sam Meacham, Beto Nava, Daniel Riordan & Olmo Talamente.

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