GUE West Coast Instructor Meeting

By: Beto Nava

From August 7-15, 2009, several GUE instructors gathered together in Monterey, California, for the first West Coast instructors/candidates meeting. Richard Lundgren, Beto Nava, Marc Hall, Karim Hamza, Susan Bird, and Robert Lee were present at the meeting, together with many members of BAUE (Bay Area Underwater Explorers).

The objective of this event was to review GUE’s Recreational and Technical course materials, including Rec-1 and Fundamentals, as well as Tech-1 and Tech-2. A Tech-2 class was conducted during the week, allowing several GUE members to progress on the training as well as allowing technical instructors/candidates to intern this demanding class.

A very productive review session was conducted on the Rec-3 Program, which is scheduled to be released at the end of summer. During this process, lecture presentations, written exams, and instructor guidelines were finalized.

All in all the participants of this event had a great time and are working together to promote GUE along the California Coast.

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