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Course Description: GUE Fundamentals Part 2
Location: South Florida (Jupiter to Miami), Florida, United States
Date: January 29, 2021 - January 31, 2021
Instructor:Meredith Tanguay
Instructor:Max Philip Frenkel
Applied/Registered: 0/0 (Please contact the instructor to verify any empty spots before paying the registration fee.)
Additional info: This 3-day class will be taught by Max Frenkel. Class limited to 3 new students per instructor by Wet Rocks Diving’s policy.

The Fundamentals program is a skill refinement class suitable for certified divers of all levels; both those seeking further GUE training and those taking a single class to tweak skills. GUE Fundamentals – Part 2 is available to divers who have passed Part 1, or have a provisional rating from a Full Fundamentals class, or are Fundamentals certified diver looking for a refresher on skills and knowledge. Taking Part 1 then Part 2 covers the same material and skills as in the Full Fundamentals course. Refine your foundational diving skills, dive planning knowledge, as well as more in-depth academics. Nitrox training included.

Students are expected to have GUE-compliant equipment that was reviewed and adjusted to them personally in Part 1 of the program. Please advise your instructor if this is not the case.

For more information, please contact us at or 978-233-1637 (email preferred). CONTACT US TODAY IF INTERESTED: online learning may begin prior to scheduled course dates!

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