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Course Description: Recreational Diver 3 - Trimix
Location: Kailua-Kona (Big Island), Hawaii, United States
Date: February 23, 2120 - February 28, 2120
Instructor:Meredith Tanguay
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Additional info: Dates negotiable.

Recreational Level 3 is a recreational deep diving class incorporating trimix and light deco.

Enjoy the full recreational depth range using the right gases and procedures for ultimate dive enjoyment. GUE’s version of deep diver. Rec 3 introduces divers to the basics of double tank manifold failures troubleshooting, and how to plan and conduct dives on nitrox or helium mixtures to a max of 130ft (39m) with a limited decompression obligation, including a switch to a staged decompression gas. Have a clear head at depth and be able to stay down long enough to thoroughly enjoy the entire recreational depth range. Excellent penultimate class for the recreational diver or an optional incremental step for those with aspirations of deeper diving.

See the fish population and corals change as you move deeper on the beautiful Kona reefs. On experience dives, you'll get to see fish that don't frequent the <100ft depths.

Pre-req: Rec 2 or Fundies-Rec pass. Doubles experience or Doubles Primer.

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