GUE and DAN Europe Launch Partnership

DAN Training Now Available through GUE

April 16, 2020

Global Underwater Explorers (GUE) and Divers Alert Network (DAN) Europe are happy to announce a partnership between the two organizations.

In addition to global diver safety outreach, qualified GUE instructors will now be able to teach DAN courses through GUE in their respective territories.


GUE instructors who are also DAN instructors for the following courses will be able to offer three GUE-specific training packages and enhance their GUE offerings. The training packages are:

  1. Basic Life Support and Automated External Defibrillation Oxygen Provider 

  2. Advanced Oxygen Provider and Basic Neurological Assessment 

  3. First Aid Provider and Hazardous Marine Injuries First Aid


These courses have been chosen based on the current and future needs of GUE students as well as future developments in exploration-level training where basic life support, external defibrillation, and advanced oxygen provider skills will be required. 


 “We are excited about current and future collaboration with DAN and look forward to ongoing initiatives in support of diving safety and research," said GUE President Jarrod Jablonski.

Photo courtesy DAN Europe