First GUE Recreational 1 course completed!

GUE is proud to announce that the first three GUE Recreational 1 divers satisfactory completed GUE’s entry-level program on Sunday the 19th of April, in Stockholm, Sweden. The Swedish and Greek students consisted of three highly committed individuals who were trained in the diving industry’s most thorough entry-level program.

Under the direction of GUE’s Recreational Training Director Jesper Berglund, our GUE Recreational 1 students demonstrated remarkable motivation while building impressive capacity in a range of fundamental diving skills. GUE would like to formally congratulate Mr Haralambos Amanatiadis, Vasilios Karangiozidis and Michel Bergqvist for their excellent performance.

GUE Recreational Diver 1 is GUE’s entry-level scuba class. It includes 8 – 10 days of training distributed over three course modules (confined and open water with an elaborate academic component). This particular course was taught over several weekends, spanning more than three months due to the logistical challenges in finding ice-free training sites during Swedish winter.

This is a historic moment in GUE’s educational programs, marking a unique transition along GUE’s training evolution. Starting as a cave and tech training agency, GUE has progressively expanded its efforts to support the needs of the recreational community. We are excited to see the current success and the growing requests from students interested in pursuing this path.

The initial cost seems high (around 1,000) but when you consider this program includes training that exceeds the industry programs for Open water, Advanced, Nitrox and Rescue diver, the value becomes obvious. Moreover, divers that are able to begin learning proper skills from the outset struggle far less and enjoy their diving much more from the very beginning. Imagine if you could reset your own personal learning curve and learn these skills from the outset. How much time and money would you save over your diving career? We hope each of you will consider promoting this unique option to those in your community.


Jarrod Jablonski
President Global Underwater Explorers

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