East Asia GUE Rec ITC 2012

GUE Affiliate Korea Underwater Explorers (KUE) hosted a second regional GUE Recreational Instructor Training Course March 17-24, 2012. This year, candidates from Japan and South Korea participated in the eight day long ITC/IE.

The goal of this ITC was to develop local instructors in the East Asia region to strengthen and expand GUE communities. Japan Underwater Explorers (JUE), formed in 2003, and has a dozen GUE-trained divers, many at the C2 and T2 level. KUE was established a few years after that and today has more than 50 members that regularly dive together. Through this ITC we will soon have new instructors in our region. This will grow the communities and provide us with even more opportunities having fun diving together.

Congratulations to all candidates and to quote Laozi 老子 “The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.”

Instructor Trainers
Richard Lundgren (Sweden)
Thomas Jonsson (Japan)

ITC Candidates
Eriko Jonsson (Japan)
Woo Ill Hong (South Korea)
Youngsam Kim (South Korea)
Jae Chul You (South Korea)
Jaein Yoon (South Korea)
Dongkun Seo (South Korea)
Jeong Jae Kim (South Korea)

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