Documentation Contest 2016

Documentation Contest 2016

Documentation Contest has a new edition, this time a Cave edition. In September 2016 the French caves are waiting for some of the best GUE teams from all around Europe.

The Lot region represents the most visited area for European cave divers, offering an amazing combination in terms of cave variety, landscape, and tourist attractions like Rocamadour or the Gouffre de Padirac. The contest this year will challenge the ability of each team to document the cave and the surrounding area using all possible tools and techniques (video, pictures, 3D modelling or cartography). There will be no national teams, as we do not want to limit the number of participants per country, but there will be a maximum number of team members depending on the specific dive site assigned.

We will come up with a more detailed schedule for the event, but the tentative plan is that Thursday the 22nd and Friday the 23rd will be dedicated to the documentation of the caves. Each team will be free to organise itself in terms of plans, equipment, and time schedules but we will need a precise plan overview before the contest and each diver needs to respect the limits of their GUE certification card.

As you know, the tradition now requires a special jury (grannies in the first edition and models in the second one) and we are still working on that; get ready for surprises! Accommodation is best organized in the local chambers d’hotes or the hotels in Gramat, so that in the evening we can all socialize in the local restaurants/clubs. As most of you know Gramat nightlife is quite intense

More info will be presented very soon on the dedicated website (, but if you need extra information please get in touch: