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Classes I teach:
Recreational Diver 3 - Trimix
GUE Fundamentals
Doubles Diver
Drysuit Diver
Triox Primer
DPV Diver 1
Gas Blender

Jason Wright

Texas, United States



  • Construction Contractor, 1997-2005
  • Dive Instructor/Equipment Repair Technician Bluewater Divers - Oklahoma City, OK 2002-Present
  • Field Engineer, Gilbert Texas Construction, 2005
  • Aerodynamics/Propulsion Engineer, Bell Helicopter, 2006-Present


  • Bachelor of Science, University of Oklahoma, Aerospace Engineering 2004

Diving Qualifications

  • GUE Recreational Instructor: Fundamentals, Doubles, Drysuit
  • GUE Cave 2
  • GUE Tech 1
  • GUE Tech 2
  • NSS-CDS DPV Pilot
  • PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer
  • SDI/TDI Instructor (Inactive)

Diving Experience

  • 1300+ Total Dives
  • 100+ Cave Dives
  • 100+ Decompression Dives

Community Involvement

  • Member of Ozark Cave Diving Alliance (OCDA)
  • Safety committee for GUE affiliate group South Central Underwater Explorers (SCUE)
  • I'm actively involved in promoting and growing our local GUE community. If you have questions or just want to go dive, feel free to get in touch.
  • Project Baseline Site Manager for Lake Murray Project in Southern Oklahoma

Special interests

  • Rotorcraft Aerodynamics/Propulsion/Icing
  • Member of the American Helicopter Society
  • Member of South Central Underwater Explorers (SCUE)
  • General fitness activities such as running, swimming, basketball
  • All things aquatic


  • Wright, J. and Aubert, R., "Extrapolation of Wind Tunnel Ice Shapes in the Evaluation of the Need for Horizontal Tail Ice Protection on the BA609 Tiltrotor," SAE Technical Paper 2011-38-0014, 2011
  • Narducci, R. Ph.D, Wright, J., and Aubert, R., "Rotor Performance of a Full-Scale Heated Tail Rotor," 71st Annual Forum of the American Helicopter Society, Virginia Beach, VA, May 5-7, 2015
  • Aubert, R., Wright, J., "Challenges in Predicting Rotor Blade Ice Protection Coverage Extent using Alternate Flow Solver and Lewice3D," SAE Technical Paper 2011-38-0090, 2011
  • Wright, J., Aubert, R., "Icing Wind Tunnel Test of a Full-Scale Heated Tail Rotor Model," 70th Annual Forum of the American Helicopter Society, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, May 20-22, 2014

Additional languages

  • English

Additional Info

My primary location for teaching classes is currently the Dallas/Fort Worth area, however, I also plan on teaching classes periodically out of OKC and Arkansas. I would be happy to provide information on what it would take to set up a class in your area.