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Classes I teach:
Discover Diving
Recreational Supervised Diver
Recreational Diver 1 - Nitrox
GUE Fundamentals
Doubles Diver
Drysuit Diver
DPV Diver 1

Chee Hoon


+65 6337 9829
+65 9847 1106


  • Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting)

Diving Qualifications

  • GUE Fundamentals/Rec 1, DPV 1 Instructor
  • GUE T2, C2, RB80, Cave DPV, Cave Sidemount

Special interests

  • Cave and wreck diving
  • Traveling and diving various parts of the world as much as I can
  • Sharing my passion in diving

Additional languages

  • English, Mandarin, Cantonese

Additional Info

My journey with GUE began when I tried to find out more about diving one day and had a 'chat' with Gideon Liew. The method, attitude and standards required by GUE in its training had so much in common with my professional job that I find great satisfaction to share this passion with any discerning diver who is looking out for quality training.