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Classes I teach:
Recreational Diver 1 - Nitrox
GUE Fundamentals
Doubles Diver
Drysuit Diver

Norbert Lee

Los Angeles, United States
California, United States



  • Senior Technician - Los Angeles County Sanitation Districts Ocean Monitoring and Research Group
  • Member of Southern California Association of Marine Invertebrate Taxonomists


  • B.S. Marine Biology (cum laude) - University of California Santa Cruz (2014)

Diving Qualifications

  • GUE Fundamentals Instructor
  • GUE Recreational Diver 1 Instructor
  • GUE Technical Diver 1
  • AAUS Scientific Diver
  • NAUI Instructor

Diving Experience

  • 900+ Dives
  • Scientific Dives including ecological surveys, water quality monitoring, specimen collection, infrastructure monitoring, and equipment maintenance/salvage
  • Various Dive Environments
  • Trimix Dives
  • Decompression Dives
  • DPV Dives
  • Wreck Dives

Community Involvement

  • Board Member - Los Angeles Underwater Explorers (LAUE)

Special interests

  • Photography (underwater, on land, or even microscope!)
  • League of Legends (itznorbs) add me!
  • Disneyland/Star Wars/ Marvel
  • Camping/Backpacking
  • Trying out food from around the world
  • Polychaete worms (ask me about that)
  • Traveling


  • English
  • Chinese - Mandarin