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GUE Fundamentals
Doubles Diver
Drysuit Diver

Raul Alvarez Garcia

Costa Brava / Tossa de Mar, Spain



  • Analyst programmer AS400
  • Software Programmer/Developer ASP/PHP/SQL/JS/C+/Assembler
  • 12 year owner, Photo Shop/Lab
  • Owner since 2012, Diving center, Kraken Dive Barcelona
  • Owner since 2016, Diving center, Kraken Dive Tossa de Mar, first diving school in Spain (s.1956)
  • Since 2015 TECLINE and Rofos distributor and test center
  • Safety Diver at commercials and films


  • Senior Technician in Industrial Electronics
  • Solar photovoltaic and solar thermal technician
  • Admin/Analyst AS/400 systems
  • IT Systems Administrator
  • B.A. Business Management and Administration
  • Some courses like Teaching, Learning How to Learn at University of California, San Diego, Photogrammetry at online course with John Kendall or Archeological Prospecting and Positioning by Underwater GPS

Diving Qualifications

  • GUE Fundamentals Instructor
  • GUE Tech1, Documentation, DPV, Blender
  • SSI Assistant Instructor Trainer
  • SSI Classified Diver Instructor
  • FEDAS/CMAS 2 Star Instructor
  • FEDAS/CMAS Scientific Dive interpreter and submerged cultural heritage Instructor

Diving Experience

  • Project Manager at Project Baseline Barcelona, Project Baseline Costa Brava
  • Project Manager at Nestor in collaboration with IEO/CESIC and UCV University
  • Project Manager at Arihagne, exploration, topography, photogrammetry
  • Project Manager at Bucephalus, seahorses community conservation project
  • Project Manager at Anteo in collaboration with La Salle University
  • Ghost Diving Spain Coordinator
  • 1500+ personal and projects dives
  • 2000+ professional instruction dives
  • 400+ certificated diving courses

Community Involvement

  • Active member of Historical Diving Society Spain (HDSES)
  • Marine Conservation Coordinator at Scientific Committee of Spanish Underwater Federation FEDAS/CMAS
  • Location, documentation and registration of the Roman anchor from the 1st-2nd century AD at 42m depth in collaboration with CASC (center of underwater archeology of catalonia from the National Arqueologic Museum)
  • Since 2015 promoting GUE community in Spain via GUE store, national fairs (first GUE stand in Spain at 2017), events (GUE WEEK 2017)...
  • Since 2019 GUE Diving Center Kraken Dive
  • Continuous development of conservation and exploration projects suitable for all levels
  • Promotion from the dive center of sustainable diving from the beginning (REC levels)
  • Synergies with many conservation and divulgation non profit organizations, schools and universities

Special interests

  • My wife and daughter
  • Our dogs: GUE (Samoyed), EDGE (Samoyed/Golden Retriever) and LOLA (Weimaraner)
  • Committed with the excellence in diving, and life in general
  • Speleology
  • Underwater conservation and exploration
  • Underwater history, and wrecks (of course)
  • Technology (underwater communication, ROV exploring)
  • Domotics
  • Development of autonomous housing (and diving center, dry dive center), off-grid, with minimal impact on the environment.
  • H.P. Lovecraft (Cthulhu Fhtagn) and horror literature, historical literature (like A. Pérez-Reverte), Philosophy (ancient better than modern) and Sci-fi (from A.Huxley to Asimov, and Star Wars)


  • Fairs, festivals, conferences and talks since 2014, like Current Diving (2014), Save Posidonia Project (2017), Terramar Fest (2019), Tecnocampus (2017-2018), Mediterranean Diving Fair (2016, 2017-2018 only GUE), and more
  • Radio, TV, Digital media and commercials since 2016, like DAMM summer commercial (2019), Yourope (2016), El Far (2019-2021), TV3 (2020), La Sexta (news, 2021)...
  • Press, journals and magazines, like Quest (2017,2020), National Geographic (2019), El Periódico (2021), La Vanguardia (2021), local and national press (2017-2021), international EFE (2020-2021) as examples
  • At 2020, because of pandemic situation and forced confinement, the private online classes were opened to the public totally free, as well as a series of scientific talks with Dr.Diogo Paolo or Nuno Padrao from GUE, Dr.Jose Tena and Dr.Jose Rafa from Valencia University, the complete team of Sc.D. from Scientific Committee of Spanish Federation of Diving and 24 class with more than 35 hours of diving knowledge and entertainment.

Additional languages

  • Spanish
  • Catalan
  • English
  • Italian
  • Quenya (and Sindarin)

Additional Info

Raul, GUE diver, instructor, explorer, coordinator and director of Ghost Diving Spain since 2014. In 2012 his passion for diving led him to start his own dive center, Kraken Dive, located comfortably on the shore in Tossa de Mar, Costa Brava. There, he organizes and participates in compelling marine conservation projects like Ghost Diving and Baseline, both of which are the principal mode of training for their students.

One of his strengths is teaching and passing on safe diving practices, conservation and respect for the marine environment. Everyday his hope is to contribute his grain of sand towards ensuring that environmental protection prospers.