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Assistant Instructor

Andrea Milani




  • 2007 to present i have show-room of windows INFISSI MILANI DI ANDREA MILANI
  • 2019 To present dive educator


  • 2007 Always a trader

Diving Qualifications

  • GUE TEC1, Fundamentals, Gue DPV
  • GUE Cave1, GUE Cave2
  • Fipsas/Cmas 1/2/3 grade and integrated specials

Diving Experience

  • Dive since 2008
  • +2000 dives
  • +300 wreck dives
  • +400 cave dives
  • +800 dpv dives
  • +600 stage dives

Community Involvement

  • GUE Veneto community

Special interests

  • Extreme passion for water and respect for the entire marine environment. Special love for cave diving


  • Contribution to the development and translation into Italian of the GUE Book of Fundamentals

Languages I teach classes in

  • Italian