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Classes I teach:
Recreational Diver 3 - Trimix
GUE Fundamentals
Doubles Diver
Drysuit Diver
Triox Primer
Scientific Diver
Technical Diver 1
Recreational Dive Leader


  • Member of Commission for Scientific Diving, Germany
  • Since 2010 Diving Safety Officer at the German Oceanographic Museum
  • 2008 - 2010 Scientist at the Cluster of Excellence “Future Ocean” in the Junior Research Group “Sea Level Rise and Coastal Erosion” at Kiel University


  • Master Geography at Kiel University, Subsidiary Subjects: Geology and Oceanography

Diving Qualifications

  • Instructor: Scientific Diver, Fundamentals, Recreational Diver 3 and Technical Diver 1
  • User: GUE Tech 2+, JJ CCR, Cave 1
  • Scientific Diving Safety Officer
  • European Scientific Diver
  • DTSA Trimix Gasblender

Diving Experience

  • > 1500 dives in cold water
  • 800 + scientific dives
  • > 400 project days as scientific diving safety officer

Community Involvement

  • Diving Safety Officer of OZEANEUM Dive Team

Special interests

  • Wreck Diving
  • Scientific Diving with GUE Standards
  • Working Underwater
  • Surfing


  • 2013: Expedition in die Tiefe. Tauchen, Nr. 12
  • The Extraordinary Tasks of the OZEANEUM Dive Team. Quest, Vol. 14, No. 2.
  • 2011: Tauchen im Dienste der Unterwasserwelt. Wetnotes Nr. 6

Additional languages

  • German, English, basic Spanish

Additional Info

Will travel for teaching