DecoPlanner 3 - How to install on macOS

  1. Un-zip (double-click) the contents of the file that you downloaded from the GUE website. Now, within the GUE_Software_Bundle folder, double-click on the file to un-zip it. Make note of where the un-zipped DecoPlanner314 folder now sits, as you will need to find this again soon.
  2. Download Wineskin Winery, available at, to your Downloads folder.
  3. Open Finder and go to your Downloads folder. Double-click the file Wineskin.Winery.txz to unpack it.
  4. In the bottom bar in Finder, Ctrl+click on the Downloads folder and select "New terminal at folder". When the terminal window has opened, copy/paste the following line into the terminal window and hit Enter.
    xattr -drs "Wineskin"
  5. Open the Wineskin Winery app. In the bottom half of the new window, it may say that an update is available. If so, click it to proceed with the update.
  6. Once updated, single-click the + sign to add a new engine. At the time of this guide’s creation, we selected one starting with WS11.
  7. Select “Create New Blank Wrapper” and name it Decoplanner3. Select “Allow” if it asks about incoming network connections.
  8. You may then see a popup window about Wine Mono Installer. Yes, proceed with the installation if it asks to download.
  9. You may then see a popup window about Wine Gecko Installer. Yes, proceed with the installation if it asks to download.
  10. When done, it should ask if you want to open/view the wrapper in Finder. Select “Yes”.
  11. Double-click the Decoplanner3 “file” that opened in Finder. It may show and error message at first. Select “Okay” and double-click again. It should now open a small window. (If you are using Mac OSX High Sierra, select “Set Screen Options”, and in the new window, unselect “Auto Detect GPU Info for Direct 3D.” Click “Done” to close the window; the small window should still be visible.)
  12. Select “Install Software”, then in the next window, select “Choose Setup Executable”. It should then open a Finder window.
  13. Select the setup.exe file from your DecoPlanner 314 folder from step #1.
  14. It should then show “Wineskin is busy” (or a similar message) and shortly thereafter open a Deco Planner 3 Setup window. Select “ok”. In the next window, click the small computer icon button as it indicates, then in the next window, select “Continue”.
  15. A “Choose Executable” window may appear after installation has finished. Select “Okay”.
  16. That window should then close, leaving you with a Finder window and a small Wineskin window. Close the Wineskin window. The Finder window should show you Decoplanner3. Double-click to open. It should popup with a Decoplanner window with an “okay” button at the bottom. Click it, and Decoplanner should open.
  17. If you mouse down (or to the side, if your dock is on the left/right) so that the dock is visible, you should see more than one Wineskin icon. Mouse over each of them to find the Decoplanner3 one. On the Decoplanner3 icon, right-click, select “Options”, then “Keep in Dock”. You can now use this icon to open and use Decoplanner in the future.