Gas Management Program (for Windows)

Gas Management Program (for Windows)

Gas Management Program (GMP) is a seven-part tool that helps you to plan and evaluate your gas needs. With tools ranging from simple END and MOD calculators to an elaborate mixing section, GMP assists divers of every experience level in a wide range of scenarios. Do you need to know what mix you will get by combining the leftover gases from previous dives? GMP can help. Do you not have the time to do continouous blending calculations or using real gas laws in your head? GMP will do the math for you. Divers and gas blenders already enjoy its user-friendliness on a daily basis around the world, and GMP is now even more capable, efficient and accurate through billions of test runs. GMP is now available for Windows. GMP costs $15 as a stand-alone application. GMP is now built-in to DecoPlanner 4, so you do not need to purchase both.

Please note that GMP has it's own troubleshooting/FAQ page available for additional support and information.

Attention: GMP (Gas Management Program) is a Java-based application. The current version is Windows-only. Before installing GMP, you must have the (free) Java Runtime Environment installed on your system. Go to to download the JRE for your computer before attempting to install the GUE Java-based programs.

When your purchase is complete your file will appear in your "My account" in your personal menu. In your account, click on the "Files" tab and download your installer file.