Privacy Policy

What information do we collect about you?

Apart from Google Analytics and live chat, GUE only collects the information that you enter on our website or send to us directly. This data is collected in order for you to:
1) Sign up for a user account. Please note that GUE cannot see the password you enter. Passwords are stored in an encrypted form that cannot be read. If you forget a password we can only give you a new one.
2) Place an online order in our web store. Please note that we do NOT hold any payment information. Our web store uses a third-party payment processing company called for orders placed using the Credit Card payment option. GUE can only see the last four digits of the card used and never sees the other card numbers, expiration date, or security code details that are submitted.
3) Apply for a GUE course. In order for you to apply for a GUE course, we need to collect your medical history, medical insurance information, emergency contact details, home address, and other basic information about any existing scuba experience.
4) Communicate with us via email or website live chat. Your name, email address, and email content are stored securely and are only visible to GUE HQ or, in some cases, only the specific person whose personal email address you used. Our website live chat is facilitated through a third-party application called Zendesk that also provides us with details on your location, your device, and the webpages you have accessed during the current session.


Who is collecting this information about you?

The information for items 1 through 3 listed above is being collected on a dedicated web server owned by GUE Headquarters.


Who can access my information and why?

When creating an account and/or placing an order, your name, email address, and mailing and billing addresses (for orders) are only visible to GUE HQ.
The information you provide when applying for a GUE class (your Student Profile) and your GUE training history can only be accessed by GUE HQ and your instructor(s). Your instructors use the information you provide to verify your eligibility and readiness for the training you have applied for. In rare circumstances when an incident or emergency had occurred during GUE training, instructors are required to submit an accident report GUE HQ. This accident report and, if applicable, your Student Profile will be sent to GUE’s attorneys.
If you have earned a GUE certification, its validity can be verified at using the certification number you provide to the person seeking verification. This information is not otherwise searchable.
When you purchase a GUE membership, register as a GUE instructor intern, or become a GUE instructor, you are added to member-, intern-, or instructor-specific mailing lists. Only GUE HQ has access to the lists of subscribers for the lists. Receiving mail via these lists is anonymous, however, if you choose to send a message to these lists, you are choosing to provide your email address to all other list subscribers.
GUE will never share your information with any other parties.


How will GUE use my information?

To track the progress of the organization, GUE may periodically create statistics based on completely anonymized information such as product sales, number of memberships, dive training in a particular country, etc. These reports will never include any personal information.
Data provided during live web chat is not used for any purpose other than assisting you on the specific question or problem you contacted us about.
Any emails you receive from GUE HQ are directly related to account creation, order placement, course application, membership purchase, or instructor/intern registration. All promotional and broad informational/announcement emails are sent through a third-party email program called Vertical Response as part of a voluntary mailing list you can sign up for during account creation or at


How long will GUE keep my information?

To best serve your needs a student, member, and customer, your information will be kept in GUE’s database for no less than 10 years after your last contact, class, membership, or order with GUE. You have the right to obtain a copy of your information and to have it removed or anonymized (whichever is appropriate/applicable). Contact GUE HQ at for assistance.



Our privacy policy may change from time to time. We will not reduce your rights under this privacy policy without your explicit consent. We will post any privacy policy changes on our website and, if the changes are significant, we will provide email notification. We will also keep prior versions of this privacy policy in an archive for your review.

Google Analytics

Just like many websites you visit, Global Underwater Explorers uses Google Analytics to help monitor and improve our website.

What is Google Analytics and why are we using it?
Google Analytics logs information like what website you were on before you got to, what pages you visit, how long you stay on our site, and what kind of computer you’re using. This information allows us to better understand the kind of people who come to our site and what content they’re reading, enabling us to make more educated decisions about design and writing.

That sounds a little personal!
All data collected is anonymous. In these reports, no personally identifying data is included, so while we will have access to beneficial information about our users, we’ll never know which information came from you. All of our activity falls within the bounds of the Google Analytics Terms of Service.

Want to opt out of tracking?
Download the plugin for your browser from to prevent tracking. This will not affect your ability to use our site.

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Measuring our website usage - Google Analytics
We only use first-party Google Analytics cookies to track anonymous usage statistics and do not collect any personal information that can be used to identify you. This helps us analyze data about webpage usage and improve our website and tailor it to customer needs. We do not allow Google to use or share our analytics data.