Baseline Temperature Monitoring continues in Mexico

By Fred Devos

In the continued studies of sub-aqueous cave system evolution which had begun extensively in 2000, Dr. Christopher Werner joined with MCEP divers once again to deploy additional temperature sensors in the cave systems of Quintana Roo, Mexico. Dives were conducted on March 5th through 7th in the Ox Bel Ha and Ponderosa cave systems. These sites were a continuation of the extensive background data monitoring that resumed in September 2009 and three additional sensors were deployed during the long weekend.

These temperature sensors will accurately record temperature data every 30 seconds for the following four years and when the data will be downloaded and analyzed. This data will be combined with over 10 years of temperature and water quality data collected by Dr. Werner and MCEP forming a significant baseline data in which to further the understanding of the area’s aquifer.

Dr. Werner is the Science Director and a veteran member of the WKPP (Woodville Karst Plain Project) who has been active in Mexico since the late 1990s. His studies are focused on the hydrogeology of karst aquifers, in particular the evolution and development of large sub-aqueous cave systems.

Project Divers: Fred Devos, Chris Le Maillot, Dr Christopher Werner

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