Story Submission Guidelines

We are excited to hear about all your diving from fun dives in your local quarry to conservation oriented projects and exploration dives. Below please find general submission guidelines that can provide an overview, but should not limit your submissions.

Size: 1-5 paragraphs: 150 - 500 words total.
Images: Resolution 72 - 300 dpi
Video: At least 300 kbs; H.264-based formats are preferred

Possible Topics:
  • General Diving Experiences
  • Trip Reports
  • Environmental Initiatives
  • Local Group Events
  • Short Class Descriptions
  • Updates of Local Initiatives
  • Training Tips
  • Learning Experiences
  • Conservation Initiatives
  • Diving-related Events
  • Projects of Interest
  • Diving Revelations
  • Successes and Failures

No significant editing, besides general grammar and punctuation, will be performed. Additional help with translation will be provided upon request. Your energy, passion and dedication to all things aquatic are greatly appreciated.

Your stories and accounts, as well as any questions and suggestions should be directed to

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