DPlan - Palm PDA Decompression Program

DPlan - Palm PDA Decompression Program

GUE is at the forefront of decompression software development, with a proven foundation of real world testing by diving's most active researchers and explorers. Our PC-based DecoPlanner is already in use by divers around the world in both recreational and aggressive technical diving situations, including world record cave diving explorations in the Woodville Karst Plain and deep sea documentation of the Britannic shipwreck. This immensely popular program is now available in a Palm OS Version as DPlan for the Palm. DPlan runs on any PDA using the Palm OS.

gradient factors
metric and imperial
range plans
multilevel dives
repetitive dives
standard dive and deco mixes (but not limited to)
simple, intuitive interface

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What other divers are saying about DPlan:

DPlan is what DecoPlanner and other palm deco software should have been.

The interface is so cleanly designed and easy to use, it takes only seconds to generate all the dive profiles you need for a given dive. No endless question-answering or cryptic settings. The resulting tables are uncluttered, showing all pertinent information and nothing extraneous. Since the deco schedules are viewed, saved and reopened within the application, there's no problem for even a novice to find the generated tables.

The customizable list of standard mixes and standard deco gas sets greatly speed the process of generating the right set of tables on the first try. It's easy to save all the permutations of all the dives I do on a regular basis for later viewing.

Now that I'll no longer need to bring a laptop on the boat with me, I've got an old -- and slightly salty -- 486 for sale. Any takers?

Maggie Owens
Wreck diver from New York

Over the years, I have used almost every publicly available computer-based decompression program. Recently, the Palm platform has made the laptop at the dive site archaic. Although it is a brand new program, DPlan is miles ahead of other palm based deco programs like DecoWeenie. DPlan is simple, fast, intuitive and the interface is straight forward. Dive planning is easy and safe because depth, time, and other variables are visible and easily changed at any time. Repetitive diving is a breeze. The simplicity makes it easy to use on a rocking boat. Dplan doesn't really need a manual if you have some clue about deco. DIR has always been "simple is best", and DPlan fits that mold.

Art Ranz
Midwest diver who does caves, wrecks,
mix, teaches a little, and still likes an
occasional simple fish dive

Probably the best point about DPlan is the extreme portability of this system, using deco algorithms that GUE customers are already familiar and comfortable with. No more lugging a laptop around to dive sites. I think Todd did a great job with the interface, making everything you need easily available, and judiciously eliminating what was necessary to get a clear display. Users should find it extremely intuitive and easy to use, even if they are not already using DecoPlanner on their desktop. As a matter of fact, the only reason I bought my Handspring was because I found out Todd was developing this software...

Rich Lesperance
Cave and wreck diver, Tampa, Florida

It's great to be able to leave the laptop at home, and still have decompression planning software at my fingertips. The Range Planning feature makes it simple to do "what if" planning for a series of times and depths. The bailout report is nice for those new to thinking about decompression procedures, since it sets a baseline for what to do i the dive needs to be aborted almost immediately. More experienced decompression divers probably don't need this feature, but it's nice for teaching and learning.

Jan Sitchin
Technical diver from South Florida

Having been involved in the DecoPlanner development on the PC, I was skeptical that it would be possible to fully implement DecoPlanner's approach to decompression planning on a Palm powered device. However Todd has produced a truly excellent tool, which produces quick, accurate and informative results. The two tools together complement each other, allowing complex pre dive planning exercises as well as on the spot modifications to dive plans

Graeme Davison
GUE instructor and member of the
original DecoPlanner development crew

My Palm is with me 24/7. I liked the idea of having access to a decompression program anytime, anyplace. I see in PalmOS and DIR a common philosophy of "less is best." DPlan focuses on the information a diver needs about the decompression model, without cluttering the main screens with extraneous data. Encouraging the use of GUE's standard dive and deco mixes meshes quite nicely with this, with the end results being clarity, simplicity, and ease of use.

Todd Leonard
DPlan programmer